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ultralight aviationHigh-performance composite tandem-seat low-wing, designed to be ideal for really fast cross-country flights and flying for fun.
An integration of exclusive performance with comfortable cockpit, excellent visibility, and uncompromising styling enables you to feel yourself like a true Shark in the Sky.

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X-AIR H Overview

ultralight aviationThe X-AIR H is the newest model to be offered by X-AIR. The new stylish seats have seat belts that now come through the headrest which means they fit better over the shoulders.
The seats are now also adjustable and along with the increased headroom can incorporate taller pilots.
A piece of clear fabric sewn in place between the two ...

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Overview Manufacturing

jabiru enginesJabiru engines are designed to be manufactured in small batch quantities using the very latest Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine tools. The vast majority of the components are manufactured in Southern Queensland in a network of high technology companies.

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Adrenaline Aviation Inc. is selling an X-AIR H.


Amphibious puddle jumper floats for sale. 15'-0" floats have a displacement of 1200 pounds to suit heavier ultra-lights. Installed in an X air H. The floats only have been used in a few landings. Perfect condition. Asking $6,500. This is a great deal considering they are $9,500 brand new.